Noble Demon

Tales of Coding and Debauchery

About Me

My Name is Tomas Banzas Illa, 27 year old, I'm a Computer Sciences student at Pompeu Fabra university (Barcelona) and an illustrator as a hobby. When I'm not burning my seat working on the computer, I like to read, watch cartoons, and play retro games.

What can I do?

I'm creative and a problem solver.

I know c, c++, java, as3, html/css inter alia, and I'm eager to learn new ones if it's needed, I'm easy to play with. I think that as an engineer you learn how to solve problems, and that there shouldn't be a "language of choice" because different problems will lead to different solutions.

On the other hand I love drawing, a lot. You can check out some of my sketches/drawings/doodles both on tumblr and deviantart

What do I like?

I like reading horror, fantasy and science fiction. Hp. Lovecraft, Asimov, Terry Pratchet, Ursula K. leguin to reference some examples. I think of them not like a method to escape from reality, but rather as a way to fight it.

I'm amazed by the occult and mythological creatures. I've readed some bizarre grimoires about magic and stuff. Don't get me wrong, I don't believe in magic, but I can't help but feel attracted to all that glamour.

Pen and paper roleplaying games, I love them, I've played a plethora of different games since 2003, from Dungeon & Dragons to Paranoia.

My beberage of choice is tea with milk, preferably accompanied with cookies or croissants.

I love dark hair.

How to Contact me?

For Starters, You can try to get in touch in twitter, It seems to be what's hot nowadays. I also can be found on github. If none of those strikes your fancy, why don't just call me on skype? I'm not a native english speaker but most probably I'll be able to get you.