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Asteroids in HTML5

| javascript, html5

To teach myself javascript and HTML5 (since AS3 seems more and more death each day anyway) I've done during my free time a remake from scratch of Asteroids. If you don't know what Asteroids is, press the following link. I'll upload the source to github soon (though you can already get it if you look up the source-code of this page).

Edit: Repository at Github

I'll admit it might be unfinished and not completely faithful to the original(lack of aliens and warp), but more or less you find here the basic components:

The game deactivates scrolling the window with keys on this page so, press x on your keyboard, have your directional keys handy, and enjoy:

This browser does not support the canvas element

Have you had fun?

On next articles, I'll explain how I managed to achieve some of the features of this game, see you soon.

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