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First post, What an adventure!

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I felt left out for a long time, given that I didn't have a blog of my own, so... I just decided to start one. I'll be talking about Science and programming, and perhaps about games or art once in a while.

The title "Noble Demon" comes from this trope, I choose it since I though it was particularly cool, and fitting my deep, complex persona (what a douche.)

I'm still finishing some details, but you can clearly see that I went out with a retroish game-like design, since I think pixelart looks terribly awesome. I might be regretting this on the future, let's see how it works out.

After much wondering, I ended up choosing Jekyll to develop this blog. For those who don't know about it, Jekyll allows you to generate a website made up of static html. No php, no dinamic server side candy needed, and perfect for serving with github pages (wich already implement jekyll on its own.)

Most of the graphics are made on my own, except for the background that can be found (in different colors) at Kollermedia check them out, they have a huge list of lovely patterns.

Well, that's more or less everything for now. See you soon and stuff.

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