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Mr Moore, jam entry for Ludum Dare 27

| LudumDare, Moore

The game we did this time for Ludum Dare has received quite the acclaim. We put it on Newgrounds and it received 25.000 views after being posted on the frontpage! Even Adobe brought it up on facebook and tweeted it :D

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Defender, jam entry for Ludum Dare 26

| LudumDare

So, my buddy Joey(programming), Dade(music) and I(graphics) have made this little game for the Ludum dare 26 jam. The theme chosen was minimalism, so we tried to keep some simple game mechanics and minimal specs. I must say that working with just four colors was hard but in the end I think it was worth it.

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Asteroids in HTML5

| javascript, html5

To teach myself javascript and HTML5 (since AS3 seems more and more death each day anyway) I've done during my free time a remake from scratch of Asteroids. If you don't know what Asteroids is, press the following link. I'll upload the source to github soon (though you can already get it if you look up the source-code of this page).

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